livia toso
livia toso
Livia Toso
Makeup Artist

Livia is a free lance makeup and prosthetic artist in the making. Very hardworking, pro-active and with attention to detail, Livia is able to create and design a look or character and also apply makeup as requested by director or designer.

What drove Livia to pursue makeup as a career was the strong passion she has for the for film industry.

“Films are my whole life. Everything I do is based on films. I’ve always loved makeup as well so I thought I’d combine my two passions. I felt the need to be more then just an spectator. I wanna help create what I think is the best expression of art.”


The Life I Live
Makeup Artist

TV Series directed by Adrian Lizst and produced by Robert Kasanga

Riding With The Guilt
Makeup Artist

Short film directed by: Dario Bocchini

Sitting Pretty
Makeup Artist

Short film directed by: Alexander Osman

Creative Media Skills
4 Weeks Period Hair and Wigs
  • 18th Century 
  • Early, mid and late Victorian styles
  • Edwardian styles
  • 20s’ & 30s’ setting & styling techniques, Marcel waves and Finger waves
  • 40s’, 50s’, 60s’ & 70s’
  • Ornaments & Hats
  • Fitting, Dressing & Applying wigs
London College of Fashion
January/2019 – March/2019
Special Effects Makeup for Film and TV
  • Principles of corrective theory
  • Highlight and shade – contouring effects 
  • Period make-up look 
  • Textural aging effects to create lines and wrinkles
  • An overview of the human skull/using the principles of light and shade to create 3D illusory effects
  • Bald cap application
  • Wax prosthetics – building the nose / working with wax products / product analysis and use
  • Blocking the eyebrows
  • Cuts / lacerations / grazing / scarring / skin disorders / creating direct applied effects using a variety of materials
  • Black eyes and bruising effects 
  • Techniques for creating bruising and swelling
  • Burn effects / use of direct applied materials to create instant effects
  • Hairlaying, wigs and beards
  • Frozen makeup
September/2018 – December/2019 (online)
Visagism, Colour Theory for Professional Makeup Application
  • Makeup application focusing on each particular feature of the face
  •  Face shapes, eye shapes, skin types, skin tones and undertones and how to apply makeup for each face feature´s type
  • The right contour technique for each face shape
  • Symmetry vs harmony – how to correct an a symmetrical face feature
  • Marquardt mask
  • The Four Temperaments: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic
  • Four season colour analysis
  • Colorimetry – the colour wheel
  • Colour correction and colour blocking
  • Blending techniques and types of brushes
  • Makeup for mature skin
  • Skin care and preparation
  • Makeup brushes and tools
  • Skincare and importance of choosing correct products
  • Recognition of face types and  how to correct and shade
  • Recognition of eye, lips shapes and how to correct
  • Perfect brows
  • Application technique of different makeups
  • Client consultation and personal advice
  • The choice of makeup in consideration with hairstyle, clothes, and occasions
  • Working with colours, study of colours
  • Day makeup
  • Evening makeup
  • Wedding and special occasions makeup
  • Makeup for mature skin – rejuvenating  makeup
  • Client care and professional advice
SENAC Brazil
August/2016 – November/2016
Professional Makeup Course
  • hygiene and cleaning practices
  • skin preparation
  • day/night makeup and how to turn a day makeup look into a night look
  • Brushes and blending techniques
  • Bridal makeup
  • Glitter application
  • Cut crease technique
  • Artistic makeup
  •  Eyeliner techniques
colour combination and skin tone management.
Colour correcting
Knowledge in new trends and products
skin preparation
Natural, healthy looking makeup
Sheer beauty
Application techniques for each individual feature and face shape.
Special effects makeup using direct applied make-up and prosthetics.
SFX make-up skills include: ageing makeup, skin deterioration, casualty makeup, bald cap application, dirt and sweat.
Can apply makeup as instructed by art director or designer.